Keeping your car's registration papers in the car

Short answer:

You don't need to keep your car's registration papers in your car. Authorities can check and confirm your car's registration based on the number plate if necessary.

Borrowers don't need to have access to your registration papers. Just keep these papers in your files at home for your records.


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  • Make sure you tell Car Next Door your registration is paid, because they do not check with your State’s Transport department to see if your registration has been renewed. They just assume it is not and take your car off line

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  • Hi Michael, we do check with each state's registration database when checking if a car's rego has been renewed. I'm really sorry your car got taken offline even though you had paid the rego. I can see that we put it back online when you got in touch on live chat and that the ticket is still open so we can look into what went wrong in this case.

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