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The car's owner is responsible for keeping the car roadworthy and mechanically sound at all times. Borrowers should treat the car as if it were their own and report any potential roadworthiness issues immediately.

Information for owners

Keeping your car well maintained and roadworthy at all times is essential, and a requirement under the Owner Agreement. You should get your car serviced regularly and attend to any issues that arise as soon as possible. See our roadworthy checklist for more detail on keeping your car safe and mechanically sound.

If a borrower reports a mechanical issue with your car, we'll take your car offline and let you know so that you can get it checked out and fixed. Likewise, if you notice an issue please block out your car while you get it fixed and let us know. Please attend to these issues as soon as possible so we can get your car back online and available for borrowers.

If your car experiences a mechanical issue that you think might be due to the way a borrower has treated your car, please let us know. We'll ask you to provide a mechanic's assessment so that we can investigate further. To speed up the process, please provide:

  • A mechanic's report including their diagnosis and opinion on the cause of the issue, the expected lifespan of the affected part, and a quote for the repairs
  • Photos of the affected parts taken while the mechanic did the diagnosis
  • A photo of your car's current odometer reading
  • A copy of your car's service history, including any repairs done to mechanical or electrical components
  • Any other information you believe may be relevant

Information for borrowers 

You can take a look at what to do if there are mechanical issues for cars you have borrowed. If you find yourself in this situation, please pull over and let us know as soon as possible. All cars listed are covered by 24/7 roadside assistance - here's how to call them

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  • What about the wasted time and money of the borrowers?

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  • Hi Masoud, sorry to hear you've been inconvenienced by a mechanical issue with a car you borrowed. That must've been very frustrating. I can see that you have an open ticket about a flat battery on your recent trip. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Sorry for the delay in replying to you and thanks for your patience.

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