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If you'd like to take a break from sharing your car, block out your car’s calendar and store your lockbox and key safely. We can also pause your sharing plan fee payments — but if your car is on a plan that includes damage cover between bookings, that cover will also be suspended.

How to pause your car sharing

  • Block out your car for the time it won’t be available for bookings (see how to block out your car).
  • Take the lockbox off your car or property and store it securely inside your home. Take the key out. If your car or lockbox is stolen or damaged because you haven’t stored the key or lockbox securely, you’ll be responsible for the costs.
  • If you would like to stop paying your sharing plan fee while your car is offline, email 

Pausing on the Full-Time Fleet sharing plan

Your car won't be covered by damage or loss cover or roadside assistance while you are not paying your sharing plan fee. If you would like cover or roadside assistance for your car, you’ll need to either continue to pay your sharing plan fee, or arrange for your own separately. 

When you’re ready to start sharing again, you'll need to upload a set of current condition photos for your car to resume your cover. 

If your car is unavailable due to damage

You won't be able to pause your sharing plan fee if your car is offline for repairs. 

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