Getting a dedicated council car space for your car

Short answer:

You may see some of our cars in dedicated "Car Share Only" parking bays. In the City of Sydney, these cars are operated under our 'CITY' brand. In most parts of Australia, councils only allocate spaces to cars owned by a car-sharing company and private car-sharers are not eligible. 

We have arrangements with some local councils in Melbourne and Sydney to use dedicated council spaces for our own vehicles. However, those councils only allow vehicles that are owned by us, and not resident-owned vehicles, to occupy dedicated spaces.  

Asking your council to support peer-to-peer car sharing

If your council currently allocates car share spaces to corporate-owned shared vehicles but not to resident-owned shared vehicles, you could get in touch with your local councillor and tell them that you would like to see the car share parking policy support peer-to-peer car sharing equally with corporate-owned car sharing.

Why do you have your own cars on the platform?

We have placed a limited number of our own cars in dedicated on-street spaces, so that we can give members access to cars in areas where there is not enough supply of peer-to-peer cars to meet demand.

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