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The Car Sitting program helps owners find borrowers who can host their cars while they're away or if the owner needs a better parking solution for their car.

The car sitting program is designed to match owners needing someone to host their car – because they're going on holidays or don't have a parking spot themselves – with borrowers who have an unused parking space or easy street parking at their place. We'll put owners and borrowers in touch through a forum so you can work together to come to an agreement.

How does it work?

Owners: a car sitter will park your car at their place for it to be rented out from there, in exchange for a monthly driving credit allowance you provide for the sitter to borrow your car. We recommend you also put your car on our monthly cleaning schedule (if your car will be parked in an eligible area) as an easy way to keep it clean.

Borrowers: in return for parking the owner’s car at or near your house, you'll be given driving credits every month to use on the car.

How much does the car sitter do to look after the car?

The car sitter's basic role is just to provide a parking space, but you can negotiate for the sitter to provide more services in exchange for a higher driving credit allowance. The owner and borrower negotiate their agreement with each other directly, so it's up to the two of you to agree on what the sitter will do and how many driving credits they'll receive each month.

Extra services you may like to negotiate include:

  • Cleaning the car (if you choose not to/can't use our cleaning schedule)
  • Checking the car regularly for issues like damage, mess or low fuel and letting the owner know
  • Driving the car to the mechanic when required

We won't check that the sitter is performing these duties or get involved in disputes over any extra services you negotiate. 

How do I sign up?

Email to let us know you're interested in the car sitting program and we'll share a link to the forum where you can subscribe and join.

Owners: after you post your car’s details, borrowers will contact you if they think they are a good fit.

You and the potential sitter will work together to come to an agreement on how many driving credits you'll offer each month and the start and end dates of the arrangement. You'll then need to let us know what you have agreed.

Borrowers: please don't post in the forum advertising yourself as a car sitter. Just browse the available cars and comment on any that you might be able to look after.

How much does it cost?

Owners: you and your sitter will come to an agreement on how many driving credits you’ll offer the sitter each month in return for looking after your car. If you use our cleaning schedule, prices start from around $40 (rates vary on vehicle type) for a full clean from our cleaning service provider. These driving credits and cleaning charges will be taken out of your income each month and will show on your invoice.

Borrowers: it’s free to join!  

Am I eligible?

Owners: this program is only available to owners who have been sharing their car for more than 3 months. It's designed for owners who need their car hosted for at least one month. For shorter periods of time, you may be more suited to using our cleaning schedule and tools for checking on your car remotely. The car sitting program is only suitable for cars using our Instant Keys technology.

Borrowers: you'll become eligible when you've taken two trips with us. We’ll send you an email with more information when you become eligible.

  Owners: have a plan for managing fines if you're going away.

If you're going away, make sure someone is checking your mail and letting you know of any fines your car receives. If you miss the due date for nominating the responsible borrower, you may be stuck paying the fine and any associated demerit points yourself. Get more tips for renting out your car while on holidays.

Frequently asked questions

Can the owner change the driving credit allowance when the car is with a sitter?

Yes, however, any changes need to be mutually agreed and you’ll need to let us know. If the owner makes any changes without notifying the sitter, they may be liable for any extra costs incurred to the sitter as a result.

How does the agreement end?

The agreement ends automatically on the date you nominated when you first notified us of the arrangement. We'll contact you before the agreement is due to end to discuss whether you wish to extend it or not. 

The car was damaged while parked in between bookings, how does the damage cover work?

If the car is damaged outside of a booking (eg, by a falling tree branch, or a unknown vehicle hitting the wing mirror in passing) the owner's damage cover will apply, the same as if it was still parked at the owner's address. The sitter's liability only applies during their bookings, the same as any other borrower.

Questions from ownersQuestions from sitters

How much notice do I need to give to set up a car-sitting agreement?

Once you’ve come to an agreement with your sitter, we need two weeks' notice to set everything up. Make sure you plan ahead so you have time to find a sitter, come to an agreement, and give us two weeks to set up the agreement. We can’t guarantee we’ll be able to set you up in time if you don’t give us enough notice.

What happens if the sitter ends the agreement early?

If the sitter ends the agreement early, we'll recover any credits you have paid out in advance. You'll need to post your car in the car sitting forum again to find a new sitter. If you are away and unable to do this, give us a call so we can help you out.

What happens if the sitter books out my car excessively?

The sitter is just like any other borrower – any trips they take will be billed and you'll receive income from them once they have exhausted their monthly driving credit allowance.

Will I make less money?

How much car sitting will impact on your earnings will depend a lot on how far away your new sitter is from your car’s current location. You may lose some regular borrowers while the car is away, but you will pick up some new ones in the new location.

What happens if I need the car?

If you or one of your additional drivers needs your car, you can block it out no more than three days in a month. In exceptional circumstances, please get in touch and we'll figure out a way to get you on the road.

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