About the distance rate

You get paid a distance rate for each kilometre a borrower drives.

The distance rate is intended to to contribute towards your car’s variable running costs during bookings, for things like:

  • fuel
  • tyres
  • servicing


View your car’s recommended distance rate

Your car’s rates page will show you what we recommend for your specific car.



  1. Select Listing
  2. Select Rates
  3. Go to Distance rates



  1. Select Cars
  2. Go to your car’s listing
  3. Select Rates
  4. Go to Distance rates


We recommend you a distance rate for your car

We review the data on running costs for different types of cars.

We review these periodically and you’ll be able to see if the recommendation changes.

We recommend a distance rate based on the type of vehicle you have, including whether it’s an EV. You’ll then get a recommended distance rate to set on your rates page.

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