The app crashes when I try to upload photos during a trip

We're constantly working on our photo uploader and we've seen big improvements in the number of successful uploads and the amount of time it takes for photos to upload. More than 90% of borrowers can successfully upload through the app now, but we know that's a small consolation to those of you still encountering issues.

Here are some things you can try:

  • Take the photos using your camera app and then use the upload from library option 
  • Ensure that the app has permission to access your photo library
  • Go to the App Store and update the app to the latest version – then try uploading again

If you still can't upload, take the photos and move to the next step in picking up or returning the car.

After your trip has ended, upload the photos to the website or email them to us within 48 hours – this is to protect you in the case of a damage claim.

We don't accept late photos, and we don't accept any excuses if you haven't submitted them in time. 

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  • Modern camera phones create high definition pictures so I've downloaded a photo resize app to reduce the size of the car pics and this reduces the upload time

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  • App freezes every time I try to Upload photos from my library on my iPhone 7 plus. Looks like people have been having this issue since April 2019. You guys need to fix this..

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  • I uploaded Before photos but when I try to upload the After photos it just keeps giving me the 4 photo roll of the Before. Anyway Bonnie the owner of the vehicle has inspected so I presume she is ok.

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  • Hi Garry, if you still can't upload photos through the app, email them to or upload them to the website.

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