Setting up a toll account for your car (Key Handover owners only)

Note: the following information is only relevant to owners on our free Key Handover plan.

Short answer:

If you're on our Key Handover sharing plan, you need to have your own toll account for your borrowers to use. You'll be reimbursed for any tolls incurred by Borrowers, but not for any fees for not having a valid toll account for your car.

If you don't already have a toll account for your car, make sure you get one. Borrowers need to be able to drive on toll roads, and if you don't have a valid toll account you'll be charged an administration fee (usually $10-$20 per toll) by the toll road provider. You'll be liable to pay this fee yourself.

We recommend you choose a toll plan with a toll device rather than a licence plate matching system. This will save your borrowers having to pay the extra fee for not having a toll tag (usually around $1 per toll), and you can advertise this in your car's profile.

Borrowers will pay for:

  • the cost of the tolls they incur
  • any billing or admin fees for licence plate matching (if you don't have a toll tag)

You will pay for:

  • admin fees for not having a toll account for your car

More information about tolls, administration fees and how to set up a toll account can be found on your State Government's website:

Roads and Maritime Services (New South Wales)
VicRoads (Victoria)
Queensland Government

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