Why am I responsible for damage just because my trip photos are missing or incomplete?

Short answer:

When damage is reported, we check the photos uploaded by recent borrowers. If your photos are present and complete, we can easily see that the damage wasn't caused during your trip. If your photos are missing or incomplete, you may be held responsible for the damage.

When you borrow someone’s car, you need to:

  • photograph all surfaces and the interior of the car at the start and end of your trip; and
  • upload those photos through the app or website, or email them to us, within 48 hours of the trip ending.

The requirement to take and upload photos is set out in the Member Agreement and Damage Policy.

We remind borrowers of their obligations in:

  • Emails we send when you book a trip, and after your trip if you haven't uploaded photos
  • Trip flow instructions
  • Push notifications we send you at the start and end of your trip, and after your trip if you have not uploaded photos

If you didn’t receive, read or notice these reminders, this doesn't affect your responsibility.

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