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At the start and end of each trip, Borrowers are required to take and upload photos of your car. This helps track your car's condition and determine liability for any damage or mess. You can see the photos your Borrowers upload in the Bookings page on the website or app.

It's best to check your car in person after each booking or as often as you can, but checking the photos your Borrowers upload at the start and end of each trip is an easy way to keep track of your car if you can't check after every booking.

Viewing Borrower trip photos

You can see trip photos in the website or app.


  1. Log in to the website and go to Cars > Manage car > Bookings
  2. Click on the booking you'd like to check and scroll down to the 'Booking history' section
  3. You'll see the dates and times each set of photos was uploaded
  4. Click on one of the sets to view the photos uploaded
  5. Click on each thumbnail to view a larger image


  1. Log in and go to Cars > Bookings
  2. Tap on the booking you'd like to check
  3. Tap 'Booking photos'

If you notice any new damage or mess, check on the car in person as soon as you can and report it to us.

If the borrower didn't upload photos

If you don't see any photos uploaded by the Borrower, don't panic! It's possible they were unable to upload them and have emailed them to us instead. Even if they didn't take any photos, there's no need for you to worry. The onus is on the Borrower to take and upload photos to prove that no damage occurred while they had your car. If they failed to do this, they're at risk of being held liable for damage.

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