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Wear and tear isn't covered by the damage cover included with borrower bookings or the between booking cover for cars on our Full-Time Fleet sharing plan. You can cover the cost of wear and tear from normal use through your car's distance earnings

Wear and tear is described in the Damage Policy. Check out our definition of wear and tear for things like scuffing of paintwork, scratches, dents and wear to tyres.

If your car comes home with a scuff on the hubcap, or a small scratch on the door, it’s not going to be considered ‘damage’ that requires repair. It’s just part of the car leading a full and valuable life, doing more of what it’s made for.

Your distance earnings compensate you for the wear and tear from Borrowers’ driving. You get 13c, 25c, 31c, 37c or 45c for each kilometre that borrowers drive, depending on the distance rate you choose. This covers fuel, tyre wear and servicing. The RACV estimates that a medium car costs approximately 12 cents/km for fuel and 8 cents/km for tyre wear and servicing.

In addition to these earnings, your car will now be making money each hour or day that it is rented out. Rather than sitting in the garage, staying pristine but doing nothing, your car is now doing more of what it’s made for – and offsetting its standing costs at the same time.

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