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If you've blocked out your car and now don't need to use it, you can delete the blockout to make your car available for bookings. You can do this through your calendar in the website or app.

Removing a blockout

  1. Log in and go to Cars > Manage car > Calendar in the website or Cars > Calendar in the app
  2. Select the blockout you'd like to remove (if you're in the app you'll need to tap on the relevant day in the calendar first)
  3. Click 'Remove blockout'

Note: It's not currently possible to remove one instance of a recurring blockout. Follow the steps above to remove all instances of the blockout, then add the blockout again starting from the date you need your car at that time.

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  • When will you fix the issue with removing a single instance of a recurring block out? This used to work, and the fact that I have to do twice as many things when I want to remove a single instance (remove, then add again) defies the whole purpose of the feature and makes it much easier for me to leave my car blocked when I don't need it rather than let someone use it on my regular day.

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  • Hi Aneta, thanks for the feedback. That sounds like a hassle and I can definitely understand your frustration. I've passed your feedback on to our Product Team so they can prioritise making the recurring blockout feature more user friendly.

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