Cars on the platform need to be kept in a reasonably clean and tidy state at all times, so that all members can feel comfortable driving them. 

They’re real people’s cars - not corporate hire cars - but they should still meet this basic standard.

The basic standard of cleanliness

  • There is no rubbish on the floor, seats or in the console
  • The hard surfaces, upholstery and seatbelts are clean and free of any sticky residue or spills, sand, crumbs, pet hair or dirt
  • The floor mats and floor wells have minimal dirt or sand 
  • The windows are reasonably clean to allow for clear vision
  • There is no dried mud or heavy dirt on the exterior of the vehicle
  • There is no smoking or vaping in the car, either by the owner or a borrower

Members' responsibilities

If you borrow a car, you have a responsibility to return it at least as clean as when you picked it up, take photos showing the interior and exterior of the car before and after your trip, and report any cars that don't meet the basic cleanliness standard at the start of your trip. 

If you share your car, you have a responsibility to check your car regularly and make sure it meets the basic standard of cleanliness before each borrower's trip. Keeping your car clean is also one of the most important things you can do to ensure that your car gets good reviews and more bookings.

We won’t compensate for any Messy/Dirty cleanliness issue if it's reported after 48 hours without clear borrower responsibility.

Take a few simple steps after you drive to ensure you don't get charged a cleaning fee:

  • Clear out any rubbish and take all of your belongings with you (check inside all of the pockets, under seats and in the boot)
  • Shake out the floor mats
  • If the car needs cleaning after your trip, either do it at home before you return the car or take it to a servo with self-serve carwash facilities or a professional car wash. A quick online search will help you find these nearby.

What to do if a borrower returns your car dirty 


Cleanliness Definitions and Fees:

Untidy - no cleaning fee

If a car isn't left perfectly tidy, but it's quick and easy to clean up, we won't charge a cleaning fee. However, the tidier you leave the car, the more likely you'll be to receive good reviews as an owner or as a borrower.

If the total of all the mess in the car would take the average person approximately 5 minutes or less to remedy, it is considered untidy. For example, it might mean throwing out a receipt, brushing off the seats, or shaking out the floor mats. 

*Note: Items and waste left behind beyond a few pieces of paper (receipts, parking tickets, etc) will automatically qualify as Messy.

Messy - $35

If the car has rubbish or more than a little mess, and will take the average person around 10-15 minutes to clean, then it's considered Messy. This might include a small amount of vacuuming (like around the floor mats) or wiping down hard surfaces with a damp cloth, or external dirt or marks that can also be removed with a damp cloth.

$25 will be passed on to the affected owner or borrower, and $10 retained by us.

Dirty - $60

A car is considered to be Dirty if it would take the average person more than 20 minutes but less than an hour to return it to an acceptable level of cleanliness. For example:

  • Multiple areas require vacuuming, or only one area needs vacuuming, but the dirt has been trodden in and requires persistent effort
  • Multiple hard surfaces require wiping down, especially if the residue is sticky and isn’t easily removed
  • External dirt covering most of the external surfaces, requiring a wash to remove.

$50 will be passed on to the affected owner or borrower, and $10 retained by us.

Very dirty - Cost of clean + $60 admin fee

A car is considered Very Dirty if there is:

  • Any sign of an animal having been in a car that is not listed as pet-friendly
  • Pet hair or mess, even in a car that is pet-friendly: you still need to carry your pet in a carrier and clean up after it
  • Any sign of smoking or vaping (including the smell of cigarette smoke, ash, butts) 
  • Odours from foods, spoiled milk or other smells - this may require repeated cleaning to fully remediate 
  • Any cleaning that requires a professional cleaner to fully remediate, including stains on soft surfaces, or hard-to-remove residue on internal or external surfaces
  • Any cleaning that can be done at home, but that would take more than an hour

If the car is left Very Dirty, the cleaning will be charged to the responsible member at cost, plus a $60 admin fee to cover the time in organising the cleaning. $50 will be passed on to the affected owner or borrower, and $10 retained by us. The cost of cleaning may exceed $300 depending on the extent of the cleaning required, the size of the vehicle, and whether air conditioning filters need to be replaced.

Interior damage (including permanent stains or tears) is handled under the Damage Policy.


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