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Your car is covered by our roadside assistance whenever it's with a borrower. If you also have your own roadside assistance and would prefer borrowers use that instead, you can add the details in the website (not app). This is only available to cars on our Key Handover plan for now.

Why add your own roadside assistance

All bookings are covered by our roadside assistance during bookings, but you might prefer borrowers use your policy if they need help. You might have better inclusions under your policy, for example a battery warranty or included towing distance. See our roadside assistance inclusions.

Adding your own roadside assistance details

  1. Log in to the website (not app)
  2. Go to Manage this car > Listing > Cover
  3. Enter the details of your policy, including your provider, member number, the phone number borrowers should call, and any other information they'll need to use your policy
  4. We'll display your roadside assistance details to borrowers, instead of ours. If a borrower can't use your policy for any reason, they can use ours instead (and we may pass any associated fees on to you).


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