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The Serviced badge is applied to cars whose owner has uploaded a service report from the last 12 months. It lets borrowers know if the car has been serviced recently.

How to upload a service report

You can upload service reports through the web or app.

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go to Cars and click Manage this car
  3. Find the Listing page
  4. Click Features and then Badges
  5. You’ll see a link to upload your service record


If you already have a Serviced Badge and need to upload a new report, you can only upload it using the website, not the app. 

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go to Listing and select your car
  3. Tap Badges
  4. You’ll see a link to upload your service record


All users can select to view the document you upload from your car's listing. When uploading your service report, blur or cover any personal details that you don't want to be publicly visible. 

Once you upload your service report, we'll review it to make sure it meets our criteria (see below). The Serviced Badge will be added to your car's profile once we approve your report. You'll get an email if your service report isn't approved.

The badge will automatically expire 12 months after the date of service, unless you upload a new service report.

Service report criteria

The service report must show:

  • the car's registration or licence plate
  • the date of service or inspection
  • a full list of the parts of the car that have been inspected
  • that all parts of the car passed the inspection.

What is an eligible service report?

Owners Service Report

You can download a standard Owners Service Report and take it to your mechanic to complete when they service or check your car. We recommend you use this form wherever possible, as the standard certificate is easier for borrowers to understand than a report from your mechanic.

Download the Owners Service Report.

Mechanic’s service report

You can also upload a record of the car's servicing completed by a qualified professional mechanic or a pink slip (NSW only).

Receipts, stickers or other records of service that don't show the mechanic’s report on the car’s condition aren't acceptable.

What to do if you service your own car

If you're a qualified mechanic, you can sign off on your own service form. If you service your own car and don't have any qualifications as a professional mechanic, take your car to a mechanic and ask them to complete the inspection.

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