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Badges are displayed on car profiles to highlight cars that are maintained and reliable, and to show how long they’ve been shared on Uber Carshare.

All cars will automatically get a:

  • New badge for their first 3 months of sharing — this helps borrowers see a new car is available near them, and explains why a car may not have many trips or reviews yet
  • Birthday badge to celebrate how many years they’ve been shared

Eligible cars will also receive a:

  • Serviced badge if the owner has uploaded proof that the car has been serviced in the last 12 months
  • Trusty Car badge if the car meets our criteria for consistently providing an excellent experience to borrowers

Borrowers can filter by badges when searching for cars.

Owners can see what badges their car has received by logging in to the website and going to Cars > Manage this car > Listing > Features.

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