Setting up a great admin system for your car sharing business

Short answer:

As your fleet grows so will your admin requirements. Making sure you have great systems from the start will make life easier as you start to scale and grow your business or employ others to handle your car bookings.

Create a dedicated email address

It's a good idea to set up a stand-alone email address to be able to easily track emails we send to you. You can do this using a free Google Account or create a separate email address connected to your business or personal email service provider.  

For example 

Keep your inbox under control

The more cars you have listed, the more messages you'll receive. To keep your inbox under control you might like to:

  • update your notification preferences to choose which messages you receive and how you receive them
  • use the help centre rather than your email inbox to view and respond to all your support tickets
  • set up email filters to automatically direct certain emails to bypass your inbox and go straight to a separate folder
    • filter on subject line keywords 'booked' or 'booking' and sender '' to filter booking notifications
    • filter on subject line keywords 'review' and sender '' to filter the review notifications

Consider a separate phone number

Having a separate phone for calls and notifications relating can also help with tracking your bookings and cars. If your phone has the capacity for multiple SIM cards or an e-sim, you can create a dedicated phone number from your existing phone.  

A separate phone will mean you can easily keep track of your business calls and keep a dedicated phone for your borrowers to contact you on.  

You’ll need to ensure you're available to answer calls and messages related to bookings on your cars.

Individual calendars

Using Google Calendar or another calendar program, set up a separate calendar for each of your individual cars. Add service and registration reminders relative to each car into their specific calendar, as well as reminders one month prior to servicing or inspections to block out that time, so you don’t have to cancel any bookings at the last minute. You can see each car's calendar individually or in one view.

Outsourcing your admin

As they scale their business, some pro owners choose to outsource their admin to a virtual assistant or someone on their existing company's admin team. Outsourcing will enable you to offer a higher level of customer service such as personalised welcome and thank you messages and streamline servicing and maintenance.

Pro Owner Experience

Experienced fleet owner Steve has a busy full-time job, so he considers the cost of employing an offshore virtual assistant a great investment. 
Steve's virtual assistant:

  • Handles all car bookings including any contact with us
  • Sends personalised messages to borrowers
  • Checks the before-and-after trip photos for damage
  • Books cleaning and servicing of his cars
  • Prepares monthly reports on his vehicles so he can quickly and easily track his investment
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