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Whilst there are two sharing plans available for all sharers, most pro owners select our convenient Instant Keys plan

We'll provide a secure, electronic lockbox that’s quickly and easily installed on the outside of your car or attached to a wall, fence or door nearby so Borrowers can access keys without any interaction from you.

Instant Keys lockbox

Borrowers receive a unique one-time-use code 15 minutes before their booking begins.  Using this code, they access the Instant Keys lock box on the vehicle using the electronic keypad on the front. They use this same code at the end of the booking to return the keys.

Owners can generate a code to open their lockbox at any time.

Installing the lockbox

Lock boxes are quick and easy to self-install.  

Every lockbox includes a shackle at the top that can be looped tightly around a fence, gate post, window bars, gas or water metre, or attached to a wall or fence.  It can be anywhere that is secure and conveniently located close to your vehicle.  

Alternatively, you can install your lockbox on your car using a small metal bracket fitted over the back passenger window. The bracket fits snuggly over the window and won’t damage the window or tinting.  We instruct Borrowers to remove the bracket and lockbox whilst the car is being driven and then return it to the window when they have completed their trip. 

If you want to hand the keys over

We understand some people want to meet the people borrowing their cars or have cars stored in locked facilities. You can share your cars on our free Key Handover plan

When someone books your car, you’ll receive their contact details and they’ll receive yours. You’ll need to get in touch with the Borrower to arrange to meet them at the start of the booking and give them the keys. You’ll also need to meet them again to collect the keys at the end of their booking.

Pro Owner Experience

"The electronic lockbox means I never have to be available to handover keys to borrowers - they just locate the car using the GPS technology and do their thing.  I can be anywhere and my car sharing business just keeps running."

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