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Renting out a car using Uber Carshare's platform doesn’t take too much time, so can provide a great return on investment. It's not a 'set and forget' passive income though – you'll need to put in a couple of hours a week to managing one or two cars, and more if you scale up. Developing relationships with a reliable mobile mechanic and mobile car cleaner will reduce your effort and allow you to scale your enterprise.

You’ll need to:

  • Check on your cars at least once every 10 days (ideally by visiting them, but at minimum through checking the photos that borrowers upload)
  • Check for questions and messages from your Borrowers and be responsive - though ensuring that your car's profile, description and instructions are accurate and clear will mean that they rarely need to contact you
  • Check reviews and borrower feedback to ensure that there are no issues with your cars – and respond promptly if there are
  • Report any issues to us as soon as possible using the help centre
  • Keep your cars serviced and maintained regularly (you can find a mobile mechanic to do this)
  • Keep them reasonably clean (to save time, use a mobile cleaner – try the scheduled cleaning service for members if you're in one of the service areas)

Have more questions? Book a call and a Fleet Business Manager will be in touch.

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