What’s the difference between the Owner Guarantee and Mobility Mutual cover?

Short answer:

The Owner Guarantee and Mobility Mutual cover (Trip Cover and Owner Cover) are separate programmes that help cover members in the event of damage or loss to a car shared through our platform.

Mobility Mutual offers Trip Cover to borrowers (not owners).

All members are required to take out Trip Cover when they book a trip.

If a borrower is responsible for damage to a car they’ve booked, they can make a claim on Mobility Mutual for cover to pay what they owe you.

As an owner, you’ve got peace of mind even if the borrower's claim were to be declined. If the borrower doesn't pay the full amount that they owe, our Owner Guarantee ensures that you’re not out of pocket.

Put simply: if a borrower damages your car during a booking and does not pay the bill to repair or replace it, then we will pay.

The Owner Guarantee is not insurance and doesn’t replace your comprehensive motor insurance or compulsory third-party insurance. It is not related to Mobility Mutual’s Trip Cover, which is designed to protect borrowers when they’re renting cars through our platform.

Our Owner Guarantee is subject to terms, conditions, and exclusions. Read the Owner Guarantee Terms and Conditions to find out more.



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