Instant Keys Plus+ Sharing Plan not available for new cars after 31 December 2021

From December 2021, we're no longer listing new cars on the Instant Keys Plus + Sharing Plan. 

This doesn't affect any cars that are already listed, under any sharing plan:

  • The new ‘Between-Booking Cover’ product on the Mobility Mutual website does not apply to any cars already listed on the platform.
  • Cars that are already listed on the Legacy Owner ($60/month) or Instant Keys Plus+ ($119/month) sharing plans are still covered outside of bookings, with no limits on personal driving.
  • Cars that are listed on the Key Handover or Instant Keys sharing plans have never had cover outside of bookings – this has not changed. 

‘Between-Booking Cover’ from Mobility Mutual will be offered as part of a new sharing plan – the “Full-Time Fleet” plan - for cars that are listed after 22 November and dedicated to sharing. 

It will cover:

  • any use of the car that is related to sharing (such as driving it for refuelling or servicing, relocating it or having it parked between bookings); and 
  • minor, infrequent and incidental personal use.

If this driving exceeds 1,000km a year, we’ll work with you and Mobility Mutual to ensure that you’re still covered for any sharing-related driving you need to do.

If you list a car on this plan, we'll discuss the plan requirements with you in more detail and ensure that it works for your planned use of the car. 

The Instant Keys Plus+ plan won’t be offered for new cars

This means that cars that are already on this plan will stay on it, but it won’t be offered for new cars listed after 31 December 2021. There is no change for cars already listed on the Instant Keys Plus+ plan (though you'll now see it called 'Instant Keys Plus+ (Legacy)'.

Going forward, anyone who lists a car that they also drive themselves (more than 1,000km/year) will need to keep or arrange their own insurance cover for their personal driving. Our sharing plans will only offer cover for car-sharing risks.

Transition period

We are in an interim phase as we work on developing new, more flexible sharing plans that suit both people who want to share their car occasionally, and those who want to build a car-sharing business. We’re also partnering with insurance companies to bring you low-cost, flexible pay-per-km insurance products for car sharers’ personal driving. We plan to roll these changes out in 2022. 

We’ve also partnered with KOBA Insurance, to offer flexible, pay-per-km insurance that’s designed for people who share their car. This means you could lower the cost of using your car for personal use. Visit KOBA to learn more.

If you are planning to list another car on the Instant Keys Plus+ plan and also use it yourself, get in touch with our Owner Onboarding team. We will continue to list cars on the Instant Keys Plus+ plan until the end of the year for any existing owners who require it.

Updated terms of use

Our terms of use have been updated, but the old terms still apply in respect of cover outside bookings for cars on the Legacy or Instant Keys Plus+ sharing plans. Read more

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