Car Next Door acquisition by Uber

As you may have heard, Car Next Door has been acquired by Uber

We are really proud of what we’ve achieved together so far, and incredibly excited about where we’ll go from here. This will turbocharge our growth and our ability to achieve our mission of freeing people and the planet from the ‘one person, one car’ mentality.

You may have some questions about using Car Next Door during this time.


Which app do I use to book?

You will continue to book through Car Next Door’s app or website. Nothing about the way you book or list a car has changed.


Will Uber users automatically have access to booking cars through Car Next Door?

No. The same screening process applies to all Borrowers, and all potential Borrowers must go through the same Car Next Door sign-up and screening process. 


How do I list cars?

The way that Owners manage their existing cars and can list new cars on the platform has not changed. 


Will there be changes to commissions or fees?

There are currently no plans to change commissions or fees. Any future changes will be communicated to our Members at the relevant time.


Does this mean people can now use Car Next Door cars for Uber driving?

No, there are no changes to the rules that prohibit using cars booked through Car Next Door for ridesharing.


Will there be any changes to which vehicles are eligible for sharing?

No. There are currently no planned changes to which vehicles are eligible for listing on Car Next Door.


Will Owners now be able to drive for rideshare operators without separate insurance policies?

There are currently no changes to our sharing plans which require owners who drive for rideshare in their own cars to have separate insurance to cover this, as it is not covered under Car Next Door's damage cover.


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