Download a spreadsheet of monthly transactions

Short answer:

Log into the website (not app) and go to your financial documents to download a spreadsheet of your monthly transactions. You can use it to help with your accounting and tax records.

What's included?

In the spreadsheet you’ll see the same information as you do in your invoice. So you'll see credits and debits charged or paid out to you for different transactions, but in spreadsheet format. 

Note: these transactions are organised by your car’s registration, not by trips taken.

You may see these transactions:

  • Owner plan fee
  • Uber Carshare's booking commission
  • Booking earnings
  • Fuel charges
  • Damage checks

Note: The booking earnings and commission are the same as trip earnings and trip commission, which you may see used elsewhere.

How to use it

Download the spreadsheet each month in addition with your invoices to aid accounting.
You can then send the spreadsheet to your accountant who can import the data into your accounting software for you. 

Please remember that this isn't a tax summary and that independent tax advice should be sought.

Downloading your transaction spreadsheet

Note: this can only be downloaded through the website (not app)

  1. Log into the website
  2. Access the menu and select Account
  3. Select Financial documents
  4. Go to the Itemised transactions section
  5. Download the CSV spreadsheet

Sort the spreadsheet by car

If you’re sharing multiple cars, you can sort the spreadsheet to see all transactions that relate to a particular car.

How to sort data in a google sheet

How to sort data in excel

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