Discussion of damage and repairs between owners and borrowers

When an owner or borrower reports damage to a car, Uber Carshare may assist the Owner to obtain quotes and arrange repairs to their vehicle.

If either party wants to discuss responsibility for the damage or the repair costs further, they can reply to the Uber Carshare email to have that discussion.

If there is any dispute around the liability or extent of the damage, or the repair cost, this needs to be raised (by either party) within 4 business days of the email.

If there’s no dispute raised, we’ll consider that all parties are in agreement and proceed to charge the borrower and arrange the repairs.

It’s important for both the owner and borrower that the repair process is wrapped up without long delays. If a dispute is raised, both parties need to use their best efforts to reach an agreement about responsibility for damage and repair costs within 10 business days of the repair quotes email from us.


Responsibility for the damage

Borrower: if you don't agree that you’re responsible for the damage, reply to the Uber Carshare email within 4 business days of the initial email.

Before you reply, please read: 

Your reply should clearly set out your reasons for disputing responsibility for the damage and include any relevant evidence to support your position.


Repair process

The final choice of repairer and approval of repairs is arranged between Uber Carshare and the owner. Uber Carshare will use its best efforts to ensure that up to 3 independent quotes are provided for any repairs, and the repair costs paid to the owner will not exceed the amount of the lowest quote.

Owners may choose the option of a cash settlement equivalent to the cost of repairing the damage (based on the lowest quote) instead of having the damage repaired.

We obtain quotes through DingGo - a service that we use extensively. We have found it to offer fairly-priced and competitive quotes from reliable repairers. Learn more about DingGo

If the owner or borrower would like to discuss alternatives to going with the lowest quoted price for repairs, they can reply to the email within 4 business days to start the discussion with the other party.  

If the owner doesn't want to have their car repaired by the repairer who provided the lowest quote on DingGo, they can choose their own repairer. However, the owner will need to pay any difference between the lowest DingGo quote and the price charged by their chosen repairer.

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