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When a borrower takes a trip, we show them instructions at relevant times during their trip. Make sure borrowers see your instructions at the right time by putting them in the right place in your car’s profile.

To edit your instructions, go to Cars > Manage this car > Listing on the website or Cars > Profile on the app, and select the relevant section.

Parking instructions

If your car has a dedicated parking space

When borrowers pick up your car they’ll see your car’s parking address. If your car is in a locked garage they'll also see your access instructions.

When borrowers return your car they’ll see your car’s parking address, access instructions and instructions for ‘Best places to park’ and ‘Where not to park’.

If your car is parked in the street

When borrowers pick up your car they’ll see the car’s current GPS address. When they return your car they’ll see your car’s ideal parking address and your parking tips.


Your car’s ideal parking address must be in an unrestricted parking zone. If your house is in a restricted parking zone, set your ideal parking address to somewhere nearby that’s in an unrestricted zone.

  • In the ‘Best places to park’ section Include at least three streets nearby where unrestricted parking is available
  • In the ‘Where not to park’ section, include any streets where there is restricted parking
  • If your car has a parking permit, include the streets where your permit is valid

  Quick tip

You can include photos or video in your parking instructions. If you need more than two sentences to explain your instructions, we recommend you include photos or video. Upload photos from your computer or phone or link to a video you've already uploaded to YouTube.

Lockbox instructions

If your lockbox is on your property
When borrowers start a trip, they’ll be directed to find the lockbox first. They’ll be shown your lockbox’s street address and your lockbox description.

If you leave the lockbox street address field blank we’ll show your car’s homezone address. If your lockbox is not located at the same address as your car’s homezone, make sure you fill out the lockbox street address field.

  Quick tip

It can be hard to describe exactly which pole, fence or gate your lockbox is attached to. Add photos or video so borrowers can see what they’re looking for. Upload photos from your computer or phone or link to a video you've already uploaded to YouTube.

If your lockbox is on your car
Borrowers will be directed to find your car first, and will then find the lockbox on your car’s window.

Car manual


Borrowers can access your instructions at any time during their trip. They will be shown your instructions at the end of the pick up process. 

This is a great place to include any instructions unique to your car, like:

  • How to open the fuel door
  • How to use the bluetooth or cruise control
  • Where to find any extras you keep in your car like phone chargers, tissues or disinfectant wipes

If you find borrowers are regularly asking you the same question, include the answer in your instructions so they can find the information they need without needing to contact you.

Immobiliser instructions

If your car has an immobiliser, enter the instructions to disarm it here. You can also add photos or video.

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  • Hi, it seems like I cant upload video, could you be more clear?

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  • Hi Emma, you can only link to a video - you would need to upload it to youtube or another video-hosting site and then insert the link to your profile.

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  • Where exactly do borrowers see this information (in the app) - I often get calls from borrowers who can seem to find the car manual. How do I instruct them on where to find all this information? Can you post screen shots of what it will look like to them?

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  • We recently updated the app trip flow for Borrowers so that it's a step in the pickup steps called 'Read the Owner's instructions'. It comes after the instructions to get the key and take the lockbox off the car. Once they've completed the pickup steps they can also see your instructions by choosing 'Car manual'

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