What are condition photos?

Condition photos help you track the condition of your car. 

On the occasion there's damage, we’ll use these photos as well as the photos borrowers upload at the start and end of bookings to resolve a damage claim.


Good condition photos

  • Taken during the day in good lighting so they’re clear and in focus
  • Show the exterior and interior
  • Show all sides of the car, plus roof
  • Show a close-up of any scratches, scuffs, dents or tears


Upload a new set regularly

When you first list your car, you need to upload condition photos, and you should upload condition photos regularly to help track its condition. 


Uploading condition photos for your car


During listing

You’ll upload your first set when you add photos of your car. 

Note; This is currently only available on the website


Updating your condition photos

  1. Log in to the website 
  2. Go to Cars 
  3. Select Manage this car 
  4. Select Listing
  5. Select Condition photos
  6. Upload your condition photos
  7. Submit photos
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