Short answer:

If you can no longer rent out your car anymore, you can stop sharing by submitting our form.

Before you stop sharing

Make sure to check your calendar for any upcoming bookings before you stop sharing. If you don’t want your car to be booked before you stop sharing, please block out your calendar.

Just want to take a break from sharing? You can pause your listing. Learn more about pausing your listing

Stop sharing form

  1. Log in to the website 
  2. Go to Help and select Get help with this car 
  3. Select My issue isn’t related to a booking
  4. Select Delist your car

We’ll ask you a few details and you can select what date you’d like to stop sharing

Important: you’ll continue to receive bookings until the date you’ve asked to stop sharing. To avoid bookings, block out your calendar

If you need to change the scheduled date later, contact us and we can change it for you. 

Returning the Instant Keys devices

You’ll get instructions how to remove the Instant Keys devices and where to send them back to. 

If you don't return the devices, you'll be charged for the cost of replacing it as set out in our fee schedule.

Organise your own insurance and tolls

You may want to check back in with your insurer and let them know you’ve stopped sharing.

If you removed your transponder when sharing your car, you can put it back in now to manage your tolls.

If you’d like to start sharing again

You can just start a new listing and create your car’s profile again.

Thanks for sharing your car through Uber Carshare — you helped remove the need for additional cars in your community and helped your neighbours get around. 

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