On the rare occasion that your car is stolen while listed on Uber Carshare, we’ll be there to help you report the theft and recover your car, working closely with the police.

Report a car theft

  1. Report it to the police – go to your local department or call 911
  2. Get in contact with us by phone, live chat or email to report it to us
  3. Tell us that you need to report a car theft
  4. Provide us with some details about the theft:
    • If you’ve reported it to police, tell us the incident number, the department you went to and the contact details for the officer handling the case
    • Tell us about how the car was stolen, or how you think it was stolen

What we do to help

When you get in touch to report a theft, we’ll be with you step by step. 

We have a dedicated security team who work closely with the police to investigate and recover stolen vehicles. Our security team will manage claims if your vehicle was stolen during a booking or directly as a result of being on Uber Carshare.

If there is any damage when it’s recovered, then we’ll pay the costs to repair and clean your vehicle. In the unlikely event that we can’t recover it, we’ll pay you the current market value of your vehicle. So we’ve got your back. 

If you have any concerns or would like assistance with a theft-related incident, please contact us. We’ve also got a handy guide to vehicle protection and insurance for sharing your car.

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