Short answer:

24/7 roadside assistance is available to all borrowers during a trip. 

If you need roadside assistance

  1. Call Uber Carshare support on +1 855 729 0211.
  2. Tell our support team the car's details, your location, and the nature of the problem.
  3. Wait with the car until help arrives. Our support team will give you an estimate of how long it will take to get assistance.

If roadside assistance tells you that something needs replacing (like a tire, battery or another part) or that the car needs to be towed, call us before this is done so we can let the car's owner know. 

What's included in roadside assistance

  • 24/7 mechanical assessment nationwide
  • Dead battery and battery replacement – you don't have to pay for batteries on the spot, they can be provided on our account (owners need to pay for the cost of a new battery if one is required)
  • Lost, locked-in, or damaged key assistance
  • Tire-changing help (however, you'll need to fix or replace the flat tire before returning the car to the owner - see these instructions)
  • Towing - please call us if the car needs to be towed so we can advise where it should be towed to. Towing up to 25 miles is included, but you will have to pay for towing or vehicle transportation beyond this distance.

Out-of-town coverage

Out-of-town breakdowns are rare. We'll do all we can to help you get back on the road in these circumstances, but to protect yourself against any loss or cost in the event that a car you've booked breaks down while you’re a long way from home, we strongly suggest that you purchase travel insurance.

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