How to set your car's time rates

  1. Log in to the website
  2. Select Cars
  3. Go to your car’s listing
  4. Select Rates
  5. Set your own rate or use our recommended rate

Set hourly and daily rates

You can set hourly and daily rates for both peak and off-peak times.We suggest setting rates for peak and off-peak times so you can increase your earning potential.

Review your rates regularly

You can change your rates at any time.

If you aren’t using our recommended rates, you can easily update them by changing the rates to our recommendations.

If you decide to not use our recommendations, we’re happy to hear any feedback you may have, so get in touch.

Changes to rates won’t affect existing bookings - only new ones

Changing your rates won't affect existing bookings. The borrower will be charged the rates that were in effect at the time they made the booking. Any new bookings by borrowers (booked after you've changed the rates) will be charged at the new rates.

Use our recommended rates

We’ve looked at the data on rates for cars similar to yours in your area, so you don’t have. Use our recommended rates to set your rates. 

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