During bookings you get vehicle protection in the form of our Owner Guarantee which covers your car for eligible claims for damage and loss.

All bookings also come with auto liability insurance up to $750,000 if a borrower causes third-party damage or injury with your car. 

Outside of bookings, you’ll need your own insurance to cover your car. 

During bookings 

Owner Guarantee

Your car is protected by our Owner Guarantee during bookings. So if a borrower damages your car or it’s destroyed or lost during a booking, we’ll reimburse you for repairs or replacement up to your car’s market value. 

You can either get a cash settlement and arrange the repairs yourself or get your car repaired and we’ll directly pay for the repairs. This helps get your car back on the road and earning for you. 

What’s protected:

  • Damage to your car 
  • Theft or loss of your car

What’s not protected:

  • Wear and tear (as defined in the Damage Policy)
  • Loss of earnings
  • Loss or damage to non-standard modifications or accessories
  • Damage that can’t be attributed to a borrower

The Owner Guarantee isn’t insurance - it’s our promise to you so that you can share your car with confidence.

For further information, including important conditions and restrictions, please review the terms of the Owner Guarantee.

Auto liability insurance underwritten by Liberty Surplus Insurance Corporation  

All bookings also come with $750,000 in auto liability insurance from Liberty Surplus Insurance Corp. 

So, if a borrower causes an accident and there’s damage or injury to a third party, you’ve got financial protection.

Insurance card

We provide an insurance card that shows the vehicle’s insurance coverage for bookings.

Borrowers are able to access this card directly in the app for their trip.

All bookings on Uber Carshare come with auto liability insurance and damage protection with our Owner Guarantee. To keep your protection, follow the terms and conditions of the Owner Guarantee and Uber Carshare's Terms of Service. Otherwise, you may not be covered.

Outside of bookings

You’ll still need your own insurance to cover your car outside of bookings.

  1. Check in with your insurer to understand how car sharing may impact your personal insurance.
  2. Tell them that you’ll be sharing your car with Uber Carshare and get their advice.

If you don’t tell your insurers, this could void your current personal insurance policy. So talk to your insurer for advice about your specific situation.

What happens if your car is damaged during a booking?
  1. Borrowers must take photos at the start and end of each trip to prove that no damage occurred while they had your car. These photos help us determine when the damage happened and who's responsible.
  2. If you notice any new damage that you think happened during a booking, report it to us as soon as possible.
  3. We’ll check your borrowers’ photos to determine who is responsible.
  4. If the borrower is responsible and your claim is eligible against the Owner Guarantee, we'll pay for the repairs as a cash settlement, or you can arrange repairs and we'll directly pay for them.
  5. We’ll charge the borrower $25 for each day your car was unavailable to you, up to 28 days, due to the damage and repairs. We’ll then pay that to you.

Review the damage policy for more details.

What’s the difference between our Owner Guarantee and auto liability insurance?

The Owner Guarantee provides vehicle protection for eligible claims against damage and loss to your car. 

However, the auto liability insurance from Liberty Surplus Insurance corp. covers damage, loss or injuries to a third party. 

How does this work with my personal vehicle insurance?

During bookings, the Owner Guarantee and auto liability insurance apply. 

If there’s an issue outside a booking, you’ll need to use your personal insurance. If you need advice on your personal insurance, talk to your insurer.

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