Your car's profile is what borrowers see when they are looking for a car to book.

Borrowers can see a photo and description of your car and its features. So having a clear and accurate profile will help make your car stand out.  

Filling out your car's profile doesn't take long, but it's one of the most effective ways to make your car stand out and get more bookings.


Make sure your car profile is an accurate reflection of your car.


Updating your car's profile


  1. Log in and go to Cars
  2. Go to Manage car
  3. Select Listing


  1. Log into the app
  2. Go to Cars
  3. Select Profile



Fill out the Description section with a few sentences describing your car, and remember, have fun with it. Borrowers like to know that it's a real person's car, and giving it a fun description helps to show that your car is loved


Tick any features your car has, including if you allow borrowers to transport pets in your car.

Make sure you've selected all the relevant features – borrowers can filter their search by features, so including all the relevant ones will mean your car shows up in more search results.

Car details

Make sure the number of doors and seats, gas type and body type are correct. 

Specify how many seats your car has – if your car has child seats you don't want removed, choose the number of seats adults can occupy.

If you have a taller vehicle, add in the total external height so borrowers can know if your car will fit in their covered parking area.

Car manual

Any quirks or special features borrowers need to know, like how to adjust the mirrors or open the gas cap can be entered in the  Car manual section.

Cargo dimensions

Add the dimensions of the storage space available, so borrowers know if they can fit what they need in your car. You’d be surprised how many people also book regular cars to pick up purchases or move things.

You can include length, height, width and cubic volume. 

Got a van or pickup? Cargo dimensions are beneficial for these vehicles.


More profile tips 

Anytime you get a question from a borrower, consider adding the information to your description or important instructions – this will help future borrowers find the information they need without needing to contact you.

Add a great profile photo and more than 5 additional photos to really make your car stand out.

Add a profile photo of yourself to build a sense of connection with borrowers and remind them they'll be driving a real person's car.

Don't forget to also write clear parking instructions and nominate a back-up contact.

When you're done, select View profile at the top of the page to see how your profile looks to borrowers.

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