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If you find an existing issue with a car while you're borrowing it, you can either contact us via chat or phone using the app, or report an issue with the car online as soon as possible.

If you find an issue, let us know

In the rare instance that you find an issue with a car, how you let us know depends on whether you report it before, during or after your trip.

At the start of your trip

When you go to pick up a car, you can let us know if it isn’t in driving condition and cancel your trip in the Uber app.

During your trip 

Tap ‘help’ in the Uber app to contact us via chat or phone.

After your trip

When the Uber app prompts you to review your trip, you can choose ‘Issue with the car’. You can also share feedback any time after your trip by visiting the help centre and selecting the relevant trip.

If you have an accident or the car is damaged on-trip

  • If there is any damage to a car while you're using it, report it as soon as possible through our help centre.
  • If you're involved in an accident with a third party, make sure you collect all the information we need to process the claim and follow these steps to report an issue with the car.


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