Short answer:

The car's hourly rate applies for each hour you have the car, until you reach the daily rate. The daily rate is the most you will pay for the car for any 24-hour period.

The daily rate applies to any 24-hour period from the time your trip started. So a trip from 9am one day until 9am the next day is one 'day' for the purpose of calculating the rate. 

  Example one

A car costs $5 an hour and $25 a day. A borrower will be charged for each hour up to 5 hours (5 x $5 = $25) and then the rate will be capped at $25 for the remainder of the 24-hour period. A booking of 5 hours, 12 hours, or 24 hours will all be charged the $25 daily rate.

  Example two

Another car costs $6 an hour or $60 a day. This means the hourly rate would apply for bookings under 10 hours. Bookings of 10 hours or more will pay the daily rate.

This makes vehicles on our platform really economical if you need to get around town for a day (or more). 

Note: there's also a distance charge for every mile you drive, which includes fuel and covers the owner for wear and tear.

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