Accessing your 1099 - K 

We’ll mail a copy of your 1099 - K to you, and you can also download a PDF version from the website. This should be available from 31 Jan.


Download your 1099 - K

Only on website

  1. Go to your account
  2. Select Financial documents
  3. Download 1099 - K


Fill in W-9 Form

As part of you sharing your car, you need to fill in a W-9 Form. 

Only on website

  1. Go to your account
  2. Select Tax Information
  3. Fill in the W-9 Form

If you don’t do fill in the W-9 form by 19 Jan, then Uber Carshare may apply 24% backup withholding to people who have not provided their accurate tax details or whose tax details haven’t been processed yet, as advised by the IRS.


Your tax responsibilities 

It’s your responsibility to manage your tax obligations and earnings from Uber Carshare. For advice on declaring your earnings, talk to a tax professional who may assist you. 

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