March Guarantee

You could earn up to $800 in booking earnings in March if your vehicle’s parking address is within the eligible area (see eligible zip codes and map). Only vehicles with parking addresses within the eligible area will be eligible to qualify. Limited time only. Terms apply. See details below.

How it works

What are additional criteria to be eligible?

Published listings on the Uber Carshare platform may qualify for the offer if they meet the following criteria for March (the promotion period):

  • Have a published listing with a parking address within an eligible zip code (see eligible zip codes and map)
  • Comply with Uber Carshare’s Terms of Use
  • Maintain at least 85% availability during the promotion period. This means vehicles must have been available to book for more than 85% of hours on the weekend or 85% of hours during the weekday during the promotion period.
  • Be priced no higher than 50% above recommended time rates (this includes hourly, daily and peak time rates set by owners)
  • Maintain an owner cancellation rate at or below 25%. This includes asking borrowers to cancel bookings

When will I be paid the guarantee?

You will be paid on the next payment date following the end of the promotion period.

Example payment calculation of March Guarantee offer

  • An owner starts their listing for a new vehicle on March 1.
  • They complete and publish their listing on March 15, so the listing is available for bookings on that date
  • The vehicle’s parking address is within the eligible area.
  • The vehicle is available for 14 days out of the remaining 16 days in March (88% of the eligible promotion days).
  • Our recommended daily rate is $50 and the owner sets a daily rate of $60 (20% higher than our recommendation).
  • The owner receives 4 bookings and cancels 1 booking (25% cancellation rate).
  • The owner will be paid up to $416 at the next payment date as they met the promotion availability, pricing, and cancellation requirements.
  • Because the owner met all eligibility criteria for 16 days (i.e. March 15 - March 31), the owner is eligible to receive up to 52% of $800 ($416) for the month of March.
  • Payment received will be the difference between the guarantee amount for March ($416) and booking earnings for bookings completed in March.


Eligible locations

map of eligible areas in Boston

Eligible locations

02478 Belmont town
02108 Boston city
02109 Boston city
02110 Boston city
02111 Boston city
02113 Boston city
02114 Boston city
02115 Boston city
02116 Boston city
02118 Boston city
02119 Boston city
02120 Boston city
02121 Boston city
02122 Boston city
02124 Boston city
02125 Boston city
02127 Boston city
02129 Boston city
02130 Boston city
02131 Boston city
02132 Boston city
02134 Boston city
02135 Boston city
02163 Boston city
02199 Boston city
02203 Boston city
02210 Boston city
02215 Boston city
02445 Brookline town
02446 Brookline town
02138 Cambridge city
02139 Cambridge city
02140 Cambridge city
02141 Cambridge city
02142 Cambridge city
02150 Chelsea city
02149 Everett city
02155 Medford city
02458 Newton city
02467 Newton city
02151 Revere city
02143 Somerville city
02144 Somerville city
02145 Somerville city
02472 Watertown Town city
02152 Winthrop Town city

Terms and Conditions

This offer is available in United States only where Uber Carshare is offered (currently Boston, MA) from March 1, 2024 at 12:00 am ET through March 31, 2024 at 11:59 pm ET (the “promotion period”). 

Uber Carshare guarantee offers are available only to those who (a) receive them directly from Uber Carshare via email. To earn the guarantee, you must take the actions and meet the eligibility criteria set forth above during the promotion period. Any guaranteed amount will be calculated on a pro-rata basis based on how many days during the promotion period your vehicle meets the eligibility criteria of the guarantee offer. To earn the entire guarantee amount, owners and their listed vehicle(s) need to meet the eligibility criteria of the offer for the entirety of the promotion period. This guarantee can only be applied once per vehicle and an eligible owner can only earn this guarantee for a maximum of 10 separate, eligible vehicles per guarantee.

All earnings that you earn through bookings on Uber Carshare during the promotion period (after Uber Carshare’s Service Fee and other costs are deducted) will be counted towards your guarantee amount. If you meet all criteria of the offer during the promotion period and don’t earn the guarantee amount through your booking earnings, then you’ll receive the difference between the guarantee amount and your booking earnings. Any fees that you may receive from Uber Carshare, including but not limited to inconvenience or administrative fees, will not count towards your booking earnings and will be paid on top of any owed guarantee amount. Any payment(s) due to you will be automatically added to your account on the next payment date following the promotion period.

Offer terms may vary by location and are subject to change. Uber Carshare reserves the right to withhold or deduct payments that it determines or believes were in error, fraudulent, illegal, or in violation of these terms. This is a promotional offer and is not a promise or guarantee of future earnings. See Uber Carshare Terms of Use for full terms.

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