For owners using App Unlock – here’s how we set up it for you


  • Set up should take a couple of hours to complete.
  • We aim to complete setup on the same day.

How we set up the App Unlock device

1. We’ll arrange a day to visit

We’ll email you when we’ve found a convenient time for our team to set up App Unlock. We’ll blockout your car’s calendar for this.

You don’t need to be around for the set up, but you can attend if you’d like to.

2. Make sure your lockbox and car keys are available for the team 

  • Keep the main key in the lockbox and keep any spares in the glovebox.
  • Our team will pick up the keys when they visit.
  • We’ll return all the keys to you at the end of setup.

  Our team needs all your keys

  • This may delay setting up App Unlock for you
  • Any keys not synced with App Unlock may stop working 

3. We sync your key to the new device

The team will sync your key to the new device.

For cars with a key ignition – We’ll create a special key for borrowers to use during bookings. We’ll return your keys to you at the end – we don’t keep any.

4. We sync your car keys to App Unlock

  • The team will sync your car keys to the App Unlock device.
  • We’ll then return all your keys – we don’t keep any.

For cars with key ignition – You’ll get a special key for borrowers to use during bookings, so they won’t use your original keys.

5. We connect App Unlock to your car

  • We’ll connect the App Unlock device to the OBD2 diagnostics port of your car (in the same location where the GPS device was).
  • We’ll remove the lockbox and current GPS device.
  • If we give you a special key, you’ll see a black aerial ring around your ignition.

6. Pick up your keys

We’ll confirm when set up is complete and your car is ready.  We’ll leave all the keys in the glovebox for you to pick up.

  Pick up all your original keys:

  • Don’t leave the original keys in the car
  • For cars with key ignition, leave the special key in the glovebox for borrowers during booking

To access your keys, you’ll now need to use the app.

  1. Go to listing
  2. Select the specific car
  3. Select Open car
  4. Tap Unlock or Lock

Learn more about using App Unlock 

Additional Info 

Need to reschedule setup?
Just let us know if you need to reschedule it.
Will the original keys still work?
You can still use your original keys to access and start the car as normal.

Just make sure the car is locked in the app before you start using your original key for the car.

Do I need to update anything?
We’ll look at your car profile and remove any references to a lockbox to help borrowers with their booking.
Removing App Unlock
If you change your mind about using App Unlock or want to stop sharing, we will also remove App Unlock at no cost.

Got questions about using App Unlock?

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Interested in getting App Unlock?

Contact us to find out if your car is eligible.

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