Car stickers are optional, free and can help your car get bookings, as well as help borrowers find your car

Find out how to order stickers and apply them.

Order your stickers

You can order stickers if you haven’t got any or if you’d like additional stickers for your car. We can post them out to you free of charge.

Order stickers

How to apply your stickers

  1. Check the surface is clean and dry
    Dirt and moisture make it tricky to apply new stickers.

  2. Peel the back off the sticker halfway
    Make sure not to touch the sticky side.

  3. Place the sticky side on your car
    Make sure the sticker is straight and in the right position before pressing down.

  4. Smooth the sticker out and slowly pull off the backing paper
    If you have a squeegee handy, use it to remove any air bubbles. 

  5. Peel off the front of the sticker
    And wipe over the sticker using a soft cloth to remove any bubbles. 

  6. Take profile photos for your car
    Add photos of the front, back and side to your car’s profile. This will help promote your car and also help borrowers find it during pickup. Find out more.

Where to put your stickers

Our stickers are designed to go on specific parts of your car. Don't apply stickers outside the areas below. 

A. Side door sticker: this sticker goes on the front or rear door panels.


B. 2x window stickers: one goes on the bottom of the windshield on the driver's side and the other on the bottom left corner of the back window.


C. Bumper sticker: this sticker goes across your car's rear bumper.


Internal window sticker: this sticker goes inside the car. Place it on the bottom of the windshield on the driver's side.


Fuel stickers: these stickers are for your car's gas door and next to your gas gauge. Stickers are different colors for regular, midgrade, LPG, premium and diesel.

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