How tolls are charged to borrowers

Remove your personal toll transponder from your car because borrowers are instructed to pay for tolls as they pass through a toll. If you receive a notice for a toll incurred by a borrower, upload your toll statement to be reimbursed.

Toll statement requirements

Your toll statement can be in CSV, PNG, PDF or JPG format. We can accept:

  • a photo or PDF of your monthly toll statement
  • a CSV of your trip history downloaded from your toll provider's website
  • a screenshot of the toll charge details from your toll provider's website or app

Your toll statement must include:

  • the date and time the toll was incurred
  • the entry and exit points of the toll road
  • the total toll charge

Uploading your toll statement

  1. Log in to the website and go to Cars > Bookings then select the relevant booking
  2. Select Get help with this booking > Report tolls
  3. Upload your toll statement

We'll check that the toll charge was incurred during a booking and reimburse you with your monthly earnings.

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