If you’re managing multiple cars, there are a few things you can do to simplify management and make sure your cars stay in great condition.

Here are our top tips for:

  • Managing your admin
  • Checking your cars' condition
  • Responding to reviews
  • Setting up an admin system


Managing your admin 

With more cars listed, you'll get more messages. 

To keep the noise down, it's important to set your notification preferences and use the help center instead of your email to manage support tickets.


Checking your cars’ condition

Check the photos borrowers upload at the start and end of each booking and report any issues you notice to us as soon as possible through the help center.

The more cars you have in action, the more important it becomes to stay on top of regular inspections and report any issues.

If you spot anything that you believe should be investigated, submit a damage report through the help center. 

Aim to check all of your cars regularly by reviewing these photos and visiting your cars.  

  Quick tip

When you get your car serviced, ask the mechanic to change the battery in the key fob. As the key will be used more frequently, you may need to replace the battery more regularly.


Check and respond to reviews regularly

Set aside time each week to monitor and respond to reviews. This is a great place to check for feedback and will often yield valuable insight into the condition of your car. 

  Quick tip

If you give the borrower a thumbs down, it'll block them from borrowing your cars again.


Setting up your admin system

When you have a lot of cars out there working for you, it can be helpful to separate your car-sharing correspondence and tasks from your other personal and business activities. 

You could have:

  • Dedicated email - Open a Google account for your car-sharing activities.
  • Dedicated phone number - Get a separate phone or contact number for calls related to bookings. You’ll need to ensure that you’re answering calls and messages related to bookings on your cars.
  • Car Management Calendars - Create a calendar for each car, and add service and registration reminders for each one in their specific calendar. Set reminders one month out to block out the time needed for servicing or inspections, so that you don’t have to.
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